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Movie - Jai Maharashtra Dhaba Bhatinda
Produced By- Ekvira Productions, A Square Entertainment, Black Gold Films
Directed By - Avadhoot Gupte
Star Cast - Abhijeet Khandkekar,Prarthana Behere
Genre - Love Story
Release Date - 14 February 2013

Description -

After the magnificent success of ‘MORYA’ and ‘Zenda’ Director Avadhoot Gupte is now entering a new venture called ‘JAI MAHARASHTRA DHABA – BATHINDA.

‘Zenda’ a 2 crore investment project was a major hit and reached masses of the mindset of Indian youth’s dilemma. Though the political controversies ‘Zenda’ yet reached the nook and corners of the Urban and rural masses. It became the most sorted movie and a talk of the town.
‘Morya’ also a 2 crore investment was a major hit in the box offices with a four star rating. Morya tackled the subject of commercialization of the festivals, and how politics and anti-social elements have taken over true devotion when it comes to public festivals.
Avadhoot Gupte once again reaches his thoughts on a wider scale but on a diverse grounds, in his upcoming movie ‘Jai Maharashtra Dhaba – Bathinda’. The outreach would be much larger, the Making, Publicity and Distribution shall be in multi-folds than Morya and Zenda.
JMLH Bhatinda, A raunchy love story embedded with the protagonist, Sayaji’s first passion towards his prosperity as a diverse entrepreneur. He is determined to establish the Maharashtrian cuisine as the most favored cuisine outside the state of Maharashtra. He chooses his venture destination BATHINDA in Punjab and the cuisine not to loose its authenticity, he transports all his supplies from Maharashtra. While doing so he is mesmerized by the charm of Jaspinder Kaur at the station and subconsciously helps her with the baggage. Looking at Sayajis straight forwardness Jas is perplexed and the story begins with their love at first sight. It further blooms during the wedding ceremony of her friend, Manjit, where both of them keep seeing each other.

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I Me Aur Main 2013 Movies Mp3 & HD Video Songs Free Download

I Me Aur Main 2013 Movies Mp3 & HD Video Songs Free Download
Song: Hello Jaane Jaana /  Na Jaane Kahan Se Aaya Hai
Music: Pritam
Movie: I Me Aur Main
Starring: John Abraham, Prachi Desai, Chitrangda Singh

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1Naa Jaane - Neeraj Shridhar & Anushka Manchanda

2Saajna - Falak Shabir

3Capuchino - Abhishek Nailwal

4Darbadar - Monali Thakur

5Meri Jaaniye - Shaan & Monali Thakur

6Nasha Nasha - Neha Bhaseen

7Saajna (Unplugged) - Falak Shabir

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Video Songs 

1) Naa Jaane Kha se aya hai-  I Me Aur Main video song free download

2) Saajna -  I Me Aur Main Full Video Songs Free Download

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Vishwaroop (2013) Hindi Movie Free Download and Watch online

Plot:Vishwanath alias Wiz, a Kathak exponent, and Nirupama, get married. Each have an agenda and seem to have achieved their wishes in three years of matrimony. Nirupama gets her Ph.D and Wiz runs his dance class in New Jersey unhindered by each other. All is fine till Dr. Nirupama aspires for more and wants to opt out of the arranged marriage. She cannot cite any specific reason to leave Wiz as there is nothing much to complain about him. Every male according to Nirupama must have a flaw. So she decides to find out something about him to feel better about her decision to part. 

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Genre: Action | Drama | Romance
IMDB rating: 9.8/10 
Directed by: Kamal Hassan
Starring: Kamal Hassan, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Rahul Bose, Zarina Wahab

Release NameVishwaroop (2013)  400MB
Links: iMDB 
Screenshots :-
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us















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Pune 52 Marathi Movie Free Download and Watch

Movie : Pune 52 Produced By : Abhay Gadgil, Girish Kulkarni, Shrirang Godbole, Umesh Kulkarni Studio : IME Motion Pictures and Arbhaat Nirmitee Directed By : Nikhil Mahajan Written By : Nikhil Mahajan Starring : Girish Kulkarni, Sonali Kulkarni, Sai Tamhankar,Dilip Prabhavalkar, Reema Lagoo Studio : Artha Motion Pictures & Nirmit Nirmitee Screenplay By : Nikhil Mahajan Genre : Thriller Release Date : 18 January 2013 Story : Pune 52 is a noir thriller about a private detective living in Pune circa 1992, whose life undergoes a dramatic change when he takes up a case that is both dangerously complex and deeply personal.
Starring national award winning actor Girish Kulkarni, Sonali Kulkarni and Sai Tamhankar, Pune 52 is set to release in the end of 2012.
Its a radically different marathi film being produced by the makers of such pathbreaking films such as Valu, Vihir, Deool and Harishchandrachi Factory and is the debut feature of writer/director Nikhil Mahajan.
Blue Drop is proud to be the Line Producer for Pune 52.

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Ajinkya Marathi Movie Free Download and Watch online

Director:Tejas Deoskar
Producer:Sandeep Kewlani, Komal Kewlani, Nilesh Navalakha
Music:Susmit Limaye
Main Cast:Sandeep Kulkarni, Kadambari Kadam, Sarika Nilatkar, Rajan Bhise
Genre :D rama
Banner:SK Productions
Release:Jan 11, 2013

Produced By : Sandeep Kewlani & Komal Kewlani and Nilesh Navalakha
Studio : S K Productions and Navalakha Arts Media and Entertainment
Directed By : Tejas V Deoskar
Cast :Sandeep Kulkarni, Kadambari Kadam, Sarika Nilatkar, Rajan Bhise, Pravin Tarde, Vikash Khurana,Depti poddar,Sachin Deshpande,Abhijit Bhonsale,Raghavendra Tupekar,Ketan Pawar,Abhijit Joshi,Shashwat Pathak,Sojas Tharkude,Sidhhesh,Akshay,Mansi Magikar
Written By : Tejas V Deoskar
Screenplay By : Tejas V Deoskar and Gautam Poddar
Music & Background Score : Susmit Limaye
Lyrics : Vaibhav joshi
Synopsis :
It’s not always about winning! It’s not always about winning!
Anant is a strong willed, successful and determined basketball coach in Nagpur whose team has been an outright winner in the state. He has taught them only one thing, how to win! ‘Winning’ is his only goal. Saeea, Anant’s wife, is married to him since last eight years and always complaining of Anant being irresponsible at her. She accuses him of dedicating his time and life only to basketball, leaving her alone. Anant tells her blatantly that his commitment and responsibility can be seen in his team’s consistent performance.
On one of such days, when Anant and Saeea have a routine argument, the heat rises up to a level where Anant commits her to take a break from basketball if he ever loses any tournament. And to his misfortune, his team loses in the finals of an ongoing tournament. Adamant being him, Anant decides to take a break from Basketball. But the argument doesn’t stop there and frustrated Anant declares that he needs a break from Saeea as well. Saeea is stunned. But before she could understand anything, within a month, Anant plans his transfer in office and moves to Aurangabad.

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Hou De Jarasa Ushir Marathi Movie Free Download

Director: Wasim Maner
Producer: Tahir Maner
Music: Nakul Jogdeo
Main Cast: Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Aishwarya Narkar, Sharvari Jamenis, Chinmay Mandlekar
Genre: Drama
Banner: Biroba Film Pvt Ltd
Release:Jan 18, 2013

A bubbly romantic farmer song from marathi movie Hou de Jarasa ushir (होऊ दे जरासा उशीर). Directed by Wasim Maner, Produced by Tahir Maner.
Picturised on Chinmay Mandlekar and Aditi Sarangdhar.
Sung by Chandan Kamble and Sonia Mundhe.
Music: Nakul Shirish Jogdeo
Dholki, Dimdi, Ghungru, Khanjiri by Dr. Rajendra Doorkar
Duration: 2 min 48 sec

Hou de jarasa ushir (Let There Be A Little Delay) is the story of three people — Sunayna, Malhar, and Shantanu — who work in the same software company. Each one of them is fighting a lonely battle trying to balance work and life.
Every morning, they travel to work together in Shabbir’s cab. One day, a very crucial day in their career, Shabbir does not arrive on time, and when he does, their cab is stuck in a major traffic jam on the highway. The already irate and anxious passengers decide to let Shabbir try an alternate route to the IT Park that will take them through remote villages. But almost as soon as they break from routine and start on this journey, a series of life-altering incidents (and a fakir who challenges them to take time in their own hands), inspires them to change their perspective of life itself.


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Satya Savitri Ani Satyavan 2012 Marathi Movie Free Download

Cast : Sachit Patil, Amruta Patki, Shruti Marathe, Angad Mhaskar, Anand Ingle 
 Directed By : Mr. Sarvesh Parab 
Written By : Mr. Rajiv Joshi 
Produced By : Ms. Shamal Parab
 Released Date : 27 July 2012 
Story: Director has selected a murder story with a political approach to it. President of Aadgaon Zila Parishad is murdered. His own bodyguard murdered him, while the second bodyguard kills the murderer. Wife of the killer bodyguard does the inquiry. The victim is also the son-in-law of State MLA, so it creates quite a stir on state level. CID gets involved to solve this mystery and thus the story unfolds.

Review: In film making, the most important thing is to understand which things to highlight and which things to avoid. The director, editor and cameraman should have the understanding between them. Crisp editing makes the movie more effective. After editing movies like 'Mi Shivaji Raje Bhosle Boltoy', 'De Dhakka', 'City Of Light', Sarvesh Parab is making his debut as a director with movie 'Satya, Savitri Aani Satyavan'. Sarvesh Parab has made the murder mystery more interesting with his stylish editing.

The script makes the movie more thrilling. Director has fabulously used flash-back technique to carry forward the storyline.Director who is also the editor of the movie has helped immensely in the entire packaging of the movie.

Anant Jog, Anand Ingle, Pradeep Velankar have handled their bearing superbly. 'Balkrishna Jadhav' played by Ganesh Yadav is terrific! Amruta Patki who has made debut in Marathi movie makes her presence felt confidently. Sachit Patil has played handsome, flirty inspector with ease. Sarvesh Parab has done a decent job 
as a director in his debut movie. It's ok to watch 'Satya, Savitri and Satyavan' once for its entertainment factor.
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Kaksparsh Marthi Movie Free Download

Kaksparsh is easily one of the most promoted Marathi films in recent times. Zee Talkies having taken up the distribution have gone all out in securing the film a good release in cinema halls as well. The film has entered the 3rd week and still the shows are running housefull which is certainly a rarity for a marathi movie. Though it is heartening to see a marathi film getting such publicity what it also does is half convince the people about the film even before watching it.
I have had a rather hectic last half a month or so which has actually helped me keep a little distance from the heavy publicity and thus maintain my objectivity. And I feel that the film is definitely not as good as its makers are proclaiming it to be or even the general consensus amongst the people tells you.
Kaksparsh is a period film set in the 1930s-1950s Konkan Mahrashtra.  Haridada, the patriarch of a Brahmin family, is like a father to his kid brother Mahadev. He decides to get Mahadev married off to a very young Durga who is later renamed by Mahadev as Uma. But tragedy strikes as Mahadev dies even before consummating their marriage.
According to Hindu rituals, as a part of last rites a bowl of rice and sesame seeds is offered to a crow which is supposed to represent the deceased soul. The soul of the departed is only supposed to receive ‘mukti’ when the crow actually eats out from food the offered. During Mahadev’s last rites, as no crow seems to be willing to touch or eat the food offered, Haridada murmurs something and a crow does finally oblige. We come to know what Haridada actually murmured only towards the end in the film.
As per the custom prevalent in Pre-Independence days a widow is supposed to shave off her hair. But Haridada objects to Uma’s hair being shaven off without giving an explanation of this decision of his, much to the disappointment and anger of the society at large. He then over a period of time keeps taking decisions with respect to the widowed Uma which keeps baffling his family and makes everybody and even the audience believe(rather misleadingly) that he has developed feelings for the young Uma.
The plot surely is interesting but then the director Mahesh Manjrekar or even the scriptwriter Girish Joshi doesn’t deserve credit for it as the film is an adaptation of the book by the same name written by Usha Datar. Rather an opportunity to make a truly memorable film has been wasted.


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Mi Sindhutai Sapkal (2010) 1CD DVDRiP 700mb

Twelve-year-old Chindi (Pranjal Shetye), spends her time grazing buffaloes in the interiors of Vidarbha. Whenever she gets a chance, she pushes the buffaloes into the water and runs to the nearby school, where she studies in the fourth standard. But even before she can hit puberty, she is married off to a 30-year-old farmhand, Shrihari Sapkal (Upendra Limaye). After marriage and giving birth to two sons, Chindi (Tejaswini Pandit) continues to devour the newspapers in which the groceries come wrapped up, for interesting tidbits and poems she loves. Her husband and mother-in-law discourage such behaviour. In fact, her frustrated husband is convinced that by reading the newspapers, she is trying to prove that she is more educated than him; he, therefore, beats her up regularly.
 Meanwhile, Chindi gets involved in a local conflict, causing some harm to landlord Damdaji Asatkar (Ganesh Yadav). Enraged, Asatkar tells Shrihari Sapkal that Chindi had been sleeping with him. Chindi is thus thrown out of her in-laws’ house even though she is pregnant. She gives birth, to a daughter this time, in a cowshed. Desolate and destitute, she leaves for her mother’s place with her newborn girl but her mother (Charusheela Sable) refuses to take her back. Not knowing what to do, Chindi tries to commit suicide twice. Once she lies down on the railway track and misses the train by inches. On another occasion, she climbs on top of a cliff and plans to jump in the valley below. However, stopped by the cries of her infant daughter, Chindi gathers courage and decides to face the world. She starts wandering from place to place, singing ballads in praise of God and goodness. Even as her own daughter grows older, she starts adopting orphan girls from the streets and gives them a home. She has now changed her name from Chindi to Sindhu. Many years on, Sindhu, now known as Sindhutai, has three ashrams sheltering around a thousand kids. Years later, Sindhutai’s husband returns to her. Does she take him back in her fold?Based on the book, ‘Mee Vanvasi’, by Sindhutai Sapkal, the screenplay of the film by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan and Sanjay Pawar is very good. The film switches between Sindhutai Sapkal’s conversation with fellow traveller Ananth Mahadevan on a flight to the US, and her reminiscences of her past life. This takes the audience through the complete story of Sindhutai who is known as the Mother Teresa of Maharashtra.
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Bharatiya Marathi Movie Download And Watch Online

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