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Peter Jackson


Fran Walsh (screenplay)Philippa Boyens(screenplay)and 3 more credits »

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey explosively dramatic battles, with a lot of 3D plunging from vertiginous heights. But the crux comes with Bilbo's meeting with the ineffably creepy Gollum, played in motion-capture once again by Andy Serkis. It is a terrific scene, a contest of nerves, a duel of wits, and the one moment in the film where the drama really comes alive and Freeman's (admirable) underplaying of the role works well against Serkis's animal paranoia.
There is also something quietly affecting in Gandalf's moral strategy in recruiting Bilbo: "I found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. ""The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie is Simple acts of kindness and love"". Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps it is because I'm afraid, and he gives me courage."
And the rest of the film offers an enormous amount of fun, energy and a bold sense of purpose. But after 170 minutes I felt that I had had enough of a pretty good thing. The trilogy will test the stamina of the non-believers, and many might feel, in their secret heart of hearts, that the traditional filmic look of Lord of the Rings was better. But if anyone can make us love the new epically supercharged HFR Hobbit, it's Peter Jackson. So big screen film- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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According to online reviews The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie is 2012 biggest screen release film. There can be no doubt that Jackson has made The Hobbit with brio and fun, and Martin Freeman is just right as Bilbo Baggins: he plays it with understatement and charm. But I had the weird, residual sense that I was watching an exceptionally expensive, imaginative and starry BBC Television drama production, the sort that goes out on Christmas Day, with 10 pages of coverage in the seasonal Radio Times, and perhaps a break in the middle for the Queen's Speech. So enjoy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Movie DownloadHD DVD Rip.


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